Real Time Analytics Faq – Supper Affiliates

General Questions

1How Do I Set This Business Up?
We will set it up for you. Don't worry. All you need to do is make sure you get your new hosting, domain, getresponse account and your courses through our affliate link. Send your login details to and we will set it up for you within 72 hours. Remember to also sign up for their affiliate programs.
2How Do I Earn Commission?
You earn commission wherever anybody joins our affiliate club through your affiliate link or sign up for hosting and others through your affiliate link.
3How are you sure people will join through my affliate link if they already know the website address?
Well, they have to. For us to set it up for free and continue providing free support. They need to use one of our club member affiliate links.
4Integer a placerat at, mollis nunc vel neque sollicitudin?
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5What If the person pay through my affliate link and I don't get a commission?
Well, it's not our fault, but we will still troubleshoot if for you and make sure you always get paid.

More Questions

1What if I already have an account in any of the tools we are using?
You have to get a new one through our affiliate link. All your referrals have to go through the same process if they need free set up and support us for the lifetime. Don't worry the business will start paying or itself so set it up separately
2I feel like its not alright for someone to get a new account can't we seek for other ways?
We are sorry, there are no other ways if truly we need a system that will be generating ongoing income with little traffic we have to do it this way.
3. What if i prefer not to refer anymore?
No, problem, you do or you don't. People you already referred will continue generating you more income. But don't forget "the more people the more successful"
4 I have more question, where to ask?
send your question to
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